Ariana Grande, Elder Than Her Husband Dalton Gomes?

Looks like Ariana Grande also joined the "Marrying Younger Mens Club". 

Birth Dates 

Ariana : June 26, 1993.
Dalton : August 7, 1995.

Dalton Gomez is two years younger than Ariana Grande and their wedding took place on May, 2021 after six months getting engaged. It is amazing to hear that Ariana is not getting married to a celebrity! And still Ariana Grande haven't done any official announce that she will change her name to "Ariana Gomez".

Dalton is an American real estate agent. He works for the Aaron Kirman Group, a luxary real estate company based in LA.

Looks like getting marrying to younger men is now a trending in celebrity womens life style.

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