What Happend Josh Duggar “19 Kids and counting “?


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Josh Duggar is really famous for his appearance in “19 Kids and Counting”. After Jim Bob Dugger the father of the Josh Dugger Reported to Arkansas State Police that Josh dugger has molested five underaged girls in between 2002 and 2003 when his age was only 14 and 15. These five girls include four of his own sisters also by touching breasts and genital regions while they were sleep. Because of this sex scandal in 2015 “19 Kids and Counting” cancelled due to case getting viral and it exposed to the public.

Reason To arrest Josh Duggar?

Prosecutors believes that their were more than 200 images of children in his computer.

Less than a week after announcing his wife Anna on Instagram, that she is pregnant Josh Duggar’s arrest happened. 

A federal grand jury in the Western District of Arkansas indicted Duggar, alleging that in 2019 he "knowingly" received images of children under the age of 12. Dugger has been charged on two counts pertaining to child pornography.

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Josh Duggar Released From Jail But Can’t Go Home

Josh released from jail on May 06th, 2021 but not allowed to go home. He can’t go to wife and kids. Instead, he will be released to a third party custodial couple, family friends of the Duggars, and will be confined to their home with GPS electronic monitoring.

When will be Josh Duggars’ Next trial will be?

The next hearing will be on scheduled on 06th July and According to a news release from the U.S. Attorney's Office, Duggar could face up to 20 years in prison and fines up to $250,000 on each count.

Who is Anna Duggar?

Anna Duggar is Josh Duggars' wife age 32yrs, mother to 6 children and she is pregnant at the moment for their 7 th Child. 

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Ann said that she will stand by Josh Duggars side and she believes "Josh Duggar is Innocent".

In 2015 Josh revealed that he has cheated on Anna Duggar. After all these incidents Anna standing by Joshs' side means she still love and care about Josh!

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